Point of Care Ultrasound Training
Vancouver Island, BC

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Chuck Wurster, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS  - Course Director

Director of Island PoCUS, current President of the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society, full-time emergency physician and Ultrasound Director at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Chuck has been teaching PoCUS since 2003 and has taught in every province and territory in Canada. He teaches EDE 1, EDE 2, EDE 3, has personally certified hundreds of physicians in PoCUS from coast to coast, and is a regular speaker/educator at international PoCUS conferences. 

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Jennifer Wurster, BScN, CPoCUS - Instructor 

Jenn completed her nursing degree at the University of Alberta followed by employment as a critical care nursing officer in the military. Trained by Island PoCUS, she now teaches at introductory courses and certification workshops coast to coast and internationally. 


Natalina DiCredico - Course Coordinator

Natalina completed the unit clerk course in 2000 and has worked in Nanaimo Emergency since.  In her spare time she has taken on project roles with Island PoCUS and the Nanaimo Emergency Education Program (NEEP) program coordinator.   

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Brydon Blacklaws, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Emergency Physician and ultrasound enthusiast based at Prince George's University Hospital of Northern BC. 

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Adrienne Boone, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Adi received her CCFP from the St. Pauls program in 2014, having trained at McGill. She locums in Northern BC, the Yukon, and Northern Quebec, with a preference for First Nations communities

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Shelly Chopra, MD, CPoCUS - Instructor

Shelly is a second-year UBC family medicine resident based in Nanaimo. She obtained her IP certification with Island PoCUS and over the last year, has experienced first-hand the benefits of point-of-care ultrasound working in rural, mid-size and urban settings.

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Greg Costello, MD, CPoCUS - Instructor

Family Medicine Resident, UBC (Chilliwack Site). A graduate of a prior certification workshop run by Island PoCUS and now teaches with us here in Nanaimo. 

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Sarah Feaver, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Sarah is a busy mom of two practicing full scope Rural Family Medicine in High River Alberta and working as an Emergency Medicine locum in both urban and remote settings.  She completed her core PoCUS through Island PoCUS and recently obtained her certification in Diagnostic and MSK PoCUS.  Sarah loves having ultrasound as an additional bedside adjunct in low resource facilities and in the management of high acuity patients.

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Carly Fletcher, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Carly is a nomadic GP, spending her time in mostly small communities in BC and Alberta, in full spectrum family practice including ER and OB. She is a recent graduate of the Nanaimo Emergency Education Program, where she learned ultrasound through Island POCUS. 


Erica Hack MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor
Erica is currently in the UBC CCFP-EM program and will be returning to the Island to work and enthusiastically teach ultrasound when she is finished. She has been IP certified and teaching ultrasound since 2016.

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Patricia Kousie, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Patricia trained all over the country, including medical school at UBC, family medicine in rural Nova Scotia, and Emergency Medicine in Winnipeg. She is currently doing locums in the Lower Mainland and in Vancouver Island

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James Liu, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

James is a primary care physician with a focus on Indigenous health and underserved populations. He is recently re-entered emergency medicine residency to expand his ability to serve rural and vulnerable populations. Since being exposed to ultrasound through Island PoCUS, it has become an instrumental part of his practice


Xin Mei Liu, MD 2019 Candidate, CPoCUS - Instructor

Xin completed her CORE IP certification at Island POCUS in 2017. She teaches ultrasound weekly at Probeficiency and is an instructor for the McGill Ultrasound curriculum where she also teaches echo-guided procedures and EGLS. Her areas of interest include capacity building for ultrasound instructors and POCUS in global health.

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Graham Lloyd, MD, CPoCUS  - Instructor

Graham Lloyd completed his medical training at the University of Toronto and is currently a rural family medicine resident at UBC. He will be completing his CCFP-EM year at the University of Manitoba from 2018-2019. Graham has completed the HOUSE course as well as the EDE Bootcamp in Brantford, Ontario prior to joining Island Pocus as a certified instructor.

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Quinn Mason, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Quinn trained on the Island (UBC) and then went to the other coast for a Dal residency (on yet another island actually) and a year as an ERP. He has since returned to the better island and discovered the wonders of PoCUS in his practice as both a hospitalist and in emergency medicine. 


Peter Metrowich, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Peter has been doing Emergency Medicine in South Africa, the UK and Canada since before Google. Revitalized by using PoCUS in the ED and want to help pass it on. Currently an ERP in Namaimo where I work alongside many fine colleagues, and Ben Ho.


Chris Newcombe, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Chris grew up on Vancouver Island and trained in Ontario and Quebec before returning home.  He practices Emergency Medicine at NRGH and enjoys POCUS for its ability to make early and positive decisions in the care of undifferentiated patients.  He has taught EDE 1 and 2.

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Jamus O’Brien, MD, MSc, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Jamus is a Nanaimo trained and employed CCFP-EM physician with IP certification since 2016 and teaching since 2017. He also works in Port Alberni, a single coverage rural emergency department with infrequent timely access to “formal” imaging studies.

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Richard Oosthuizen, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Richard Oosthuizen saw the light during training in Ontario, relocated to BC and eventually landed in the POCUS-holy site of Nanaimo, where he works as an emergency physician. He has been IP certified since 2013 and regularly involved in teaching residents and staff physicians since. 

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Don Propp MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS  - Instructor

Don is an emergency physician who has worked in the PoCUS mecca of Nanaimo for over 20 years. He has been IP certified and instructing since 2003.

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Simon Resnick, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Simon is a rural GP working in Sechelt, BC. His love of tools/toys and solving mysteries quickly has helped him gravitate towards learning ultrasound, which has saved his butt (and the butts of his patients) multiple times. His love of flying in float planes and teaching PoCUS brings him back to Nanaimo regularly.

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Irina Sainchuk, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Irina is originally from Kazakhstan where she completed her medical school and first residency. She completed her second residency through UBC’s family practice program at St. Pauls. She is currently working in Prince George as a clinical associate for the internal medicine Clinical Teaching Unit and is highly involved with teaching residents and medical students. She has completed multiple ultrasound courses and teaches EDE boot camps in Nanaimo and Brantford several times a year.

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Sarah Scott, MD, CCFP(EM), CPoCUS - Instructor

Sarah is a busy mom of three who dabbles in Emergency Medicine in the Comox Valley and Nanaimo. She completed medical school at UBC’s Island Medical Program in Victoria in 2010 before heading to Ottawa for residency. She returned to her native BC for her EM year in Vancouver. In her spare time… just kidding, she doesn’t have spare time!

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Navpreet Sidhu, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Nav received her CCFP from the Prince George program in 2016,  having trained at the U of A in Edmonton. She presently works full time in MacKenzie, BC,  a small town in Northern BC, with a population of 4000-5000 people. The closest referral center is Prince  George, a 2-hour drive away.   


Aaron Sobkowicz, MD, CPoCUS - Instructor

Aaron is currently an R1 doing his Family Medicine residency in Nanaimo.  He completed medical school in 2017 in Kelowna, then decided the Island life sounded pretty appealing.  He received his IP certification early on in his residency after seeing the benefits of PoCUS during his emergency/critical care rotations.  

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Trace Thomas, MD, FRCP(C), CPoCUS - Instructor

Trace is delighted to be an apprentice instructor for the first time. He has been an internist for 20 years and works in Comox. After years of putting in central lines by landmark he heard about the new hot shots using ultrasound and after taking the course he was hooked. He has since been learning everything he can about ultrasound, taking the FOCUS bedside echo course at UBC, UGEMP emergency ultrasound procedures course, ATLS, and now most recently the POCUS EDE 1 course. He is working to set up a Sim Lab at Comox Valley Hospital to help teach Residents and other health professionals. He is very much looking forward to his first opportunity to help teach ultrasound to others in this course.


Matthew Wahab, MD, CPoCUS - Instructor


Rob Warren, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Rob is a rural doc practicing in Sundre, Alberta, and the co-founder of the Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic, the Alberta College of Family Physicians' Outstanding Family Practice for 2017.  A Master Instructor with CPoCUS, Rob has taught at the Brantford EDE Core Bootcamp since 2015 and obtained his Resuscitation Track IP certification in 2017.

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Ben Wasserman, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS  - Instructor

Ben is a family physician who cannot decide which community to call home.  He works as a locum in various rural and regional communities in BC and Alberta and recently completed the Nanaimo Emergency Education Program where he received his ultrasound training via Island PoCUS. 

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Sarah Yager, MD, CCFP, CPoCUS - Instructor

Sarah is completing the Nanaimo Emergency Education Program (NEEP) and received her PoCUS training through Island PoCUS. She locums in rural BC, the Yukon, and the far north.  She alternates her rural locums with covering a busy obstetrical group in the lower mainland to maintain her obstetrical skills.